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How can you help your child succeed?

Encourage tackling difficult tasks
Trying to enrol in a maths class or choosing a regular class? Go hiking with your class, or stay at home? Often, parents, trying to protect their children from unnecessary worries, offer to go a simpler and more understandable way: the child already has enough lessons, he is tired, overworked. But a person grows only through overcoming difficulties, and the best that a parent can do in such a situation is to support the child when he tries to take a new height. Try, instead of trying to protect him from possible disappointments, show that you believe in his success, and if necessary, tell me what to do. Taking on difficult tasks, the child develops hard work, willpower and the ability to cope with difficult tasks - all this will certainly come in handy in his adult life.

Let it be done by yourself
Either way - school craft or thesis, let your son or daughter do it themselves. No need to try to impose your help, as a last resort you can order an essay writing help, no need to talk ash about how to do better. Yes, probably with your experience and skills it will be several times faster and more efficient, but this way you will not only not allow the child to learn to do something on their own, but also kill all his self-confidence: why even try, if mom soups are much tastier, and dad thinks faster in his mind. Even if the child does not succeed again and again, he is upset, confused and asks for help, do not rush to do for him immediately. Better try to understand together, look at textbooks or instructions on the Internet, tell me how you would do it, but let him fill it out himself

Help, not destroy
The child should know that in a difficult situation, he can always count on your support and help. At the same time, it is important that this assistance be without reproach. If he can't cope with a difficult physical task, the last thing he needs is an accusation of stupidity, remarks that "it was necessary to learn earlier", etc. The company also states that parents should understand that the child already feels awful, and it's naive to think that if we add another "top", it will be corrected next time. Rather, he will feel that he is left alone with his problems, no one needs him, and there is no place to wait for help. But this is not the case.

Maintain the choice, whatever it may be
Have you dreamed that the child will grow up and become an astrophysicist, and he wants to enter a vocational school as a carpenter? The worst thing you can do is start actively discouraging, scolding and banning him. You need to remember that this is not your life or your dream, and, by and large, only the child himself knows what will make him happy. Of course, you can express your concerns and ask reasonable questions, discuss prospects and see if he is aware of where he is going. But it is extremely important to show him that the decision remains with him and, most importantly, it does not affect your love for the child.

Be an example
You can endlessly conduct educational conversations, instruct the child and talk about what not to do. But the main thing that he will pay attention to is your behaviour. If you yourself are successful, happy and active, the child will absorb this model as natural and will imitate you. It will be the norm for him to strive to achieve more, constantly learn and move. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. It will be very difficult to explain why you need to go in for sports and work if you yourself are lazy and spend your weekends exclusively on the couch. Therefore, if you want your child to strive for more, work hard and believe in himself, start by becoming such a person yourself.

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